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Adding a Product

Uploading a product has never been better! With our filter ready to go, your stickers, planners and more will be found by the people searching for them.

The CSV Uploader

If you have a shop on etsy already, you can automatically upload all your current products to Plannered at once. It makes adding all that more easier.

The uploader brings across your title, price, tags, description and ALL images. It’ll save as a draft, so you can access the product to edit. You can then add the relevant files to be downloaded and edit the things like the description or title if needed. (Please remove all and any links that take you out of plannered.)

How To Use the CSV Uploader

First of all, download your most current CSV from Etsy. You can do so in settings > options > download data (Tab). Do not to open this or re-save, just upload as it is.

Go to your dashboard > products. On the right hand side there you can upload the .csv and click ‘import’.

Be patient with it, as it may take some time to load. Once it is done, all files will be ‘drafts’ so you can edit as you go.

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