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Goodnotes ‘Pre-Cropped’

Goodnotes ‘Precropped’ is a term used mainly for digital stickers and inserts. A ready-to-use file that you upload to the goodnotes app, and can immediately use each sticker. Read more about how to use goodnotes sticker books here


PDFs are the primary format your planners are in. You can upload these to any note annotation app that allows for hyperlinks. This includes Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf and many, many more. Check with your app to see if hyperlinked PDFs work before purchasing.

Zip Files

Many of our designers need to zip their individual stickers. PNG sheets should also be zipped. You can unzip these on your computer, or on your iPad.

ZIP files need to be unzipped before use. Goodnotes.zip files DO NOT need to be unzipped.


Stickers will be in PNG format primarily. This is so you have a transparent background and not a white background.

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