Refund Policy

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It’s important to us to make sure you are happy with the products you purchase with us. As our products are digital and cannot be returned once purchased, we will do our best to make sure you can get help with any issues that arise.

Technical Issues

Please contact the seller you purchased from directly for advice on how to troubleshoot, as they know their products best.

For a FAQ on known Technical Issues (ie, GN Glitches please check out our Article her

Refunds Issued

Digital Products can not be returned and so do not qualify for refunds. Your purchase is eligable for refund if:

  • You have purchased the same product twice
  • There is a technical issue the Designer cannot fix after becoming aware of.
  • The product was misrepresented and Designer cannot amend. Misrepresented does not include subjective opinion. (ie Goodnotes file in product description, but no precropped goodnotes file included. Believing a product ‘does not look good’ is subjective opinion)
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