The Plannered ‘Wallet’

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Your Wallet is a simple way to add funds to your account to spend later, or transfer to a friend. These funds can be spent with any of our designers or split between multiple designers.

If you’d like to send funds to a friend, you must already have funds in your account. Once you have the amount you’d like to send, add their full, valid email address. Their email address must have been used as a Plannered customers in the past. Press proceed to transfer!

Due to privacy laws, our wallet cannot give email address or names, so please leave your name/username in ‘What’s this for’ so the recipient knows who it’s for.

Don’t forget to leave a note to let the recipient know why you’ve send them Plannered funds!

Winning competition or giveaway funds will also be transferred to your wallet! We’ll inform you by email if you’ve won!

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