Designed for You

Our website is optimised for digital planner customers to find planners and stickers they love, without wading through any products not specifically created for them. Our approval process is fast and easy, and the designer dashboard makes it simple for you to upload, track your products and sell.

We also will provide a support network, a growing website that wants you to lead the way and to help you thrive and connect with your customers and other digital planner lovers

Earn 80% Each Sale

Only pay 15% commission + processing fee when your products sell

Digital Downloads

Seamless instant downloads for all your sales. Less time sending files, more time to design!

No Listing Fees

Only pay when you sell. There's nothing to lose selling with us, and everything to gain.

Shop Front

All the tools you'll need to manage your shop - user dashboard, shop front and support button for customers

No Exclusivity

Sell with us and beyond, we won't limit where else you sell your designs

Have Your Say

We are a new, growing community and we want what you want. Join the designers in planning our future.

Anything that is made for Digital Planners! That means Digital Stickers, Goodnote Files, PDF Planners, Tools like files for Procreate and Keynote.  As long as it is legal and complies with our terms, feel free to be as creative and bold as you’d like.

We use Paypal for all secure payment processes. When you make a sale, the payment (minus commission) will be deposited in your paypal account.

It’s free to join and list your products – just a quick approval process and you’ll be ready to go. If you already list products elsewhere, our CSV uploader is a quick way to get started.

Signing up and Listing is free. Only pay commission when you sell your designs.

Commission is 15% percent. In addition, the standard Paypal fee is 2.9% plus 0.30cents. (Check out paypal’s micropayments, if your order total is regularly under $12!)

Sound Good?