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Keep your school year organized with a fun yet organized weekly academic planner. This retro checkered 2022 – 2023 academic year planner features hyperlinked monthly and weekly pages with room to check off all of your to-do lists. Not a student? No problem! This academic planner has a few inserts designed for students. All monthly & weekly planner pages can be used by anyone! This planner is designed to be used with an annotated hyperlinks app such as GoodNotes. Planner inserts include: -Hyperlinked (weekly) year at a glance calendar -Important Dates -Class Schedule -Class Overview -Assignment Tracker -Study Tracker -Wellness Tracker ( Includes space to record habits, symptoms & mood -Sleep Tracker -Meal Planner -Monthly Expense -Favorite Memories -Monthly Goals -Daily Page (one page to duplicate and use when needed) Planner Features: -Professionally designed & lag-free hyperlinked pdf document -Hyperlinked monthly & weekly planner pages -24 custom sections to use for class notes or custom sections -11 paper templates including blank, lined, dotted, grid & Cornell styles -14 hyperlinked planner inserts within the index page -152pages and room to add more! -Sunday & Monday start files included 

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