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Custom color elements and functional stickers for Goodnotes. Native to the Goodnotes app, you can CHANGE the colors, fonts, borders, and more of these functional digital stickers. 18 pages of calendar elements, sticky notes, to do lists, trackers, quotes and sayings, appointments, schedules, dates, and more! Includes 8 color palettes with hex codes and instructions for use.

Lightweight and lag-free. Crisp, sharp text at any size.

What you will get:

* Goodnotes Stickerbook file packed with 18 pages of custom color elements. Includes 8 color palettes with hex codes and instructions. 


These stickers are native to Goodnotes and work only in that app. App not included. Not recommended for beginner Goodnotes users. Knowledge of how the text tool works and how to change fonts, colors, and hex codes needed to customize the elements. Instructions are included, but assume you have a working knowledge of how to use the app.

For personal use only.


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