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All In One Premium Digital Planner, Daily Digital Planner GoodNotes, Monthly Planner, Minimal Planner, Sticker sets for Digital Planner, Hyperlinked Planner, Planner Templates for Digital iPad Planner, GoodNotes Planner, Notability Planner and other PDF Annotation apps.


Huge Planner Bundle of 40 High Resolution digital planners for getting organized, with 20 different planner variations for each year, so that you can try them out and choose the ones that best work for you. Easily import to any PDF annotation app ( GoodNotes, Notability, Zoomnotes, Noteshelf, Xodo, etc).

The Fully Hyperlinked digital planner has functional and clickable tabs and buttons/icons for easy and fast navigation.




  • Huge bundle of 40 High Quality Digital Planners
  • 20 Different Dated Digital planner from Sep – Dec, 2021, with 295 pages to choose from
  • 20 Different Dated digital planner for 2022 with 670 pages to choose from
  • 2 different daily layouts
  • 5 different weekly layouts – Horizontal Boxed layout, Horizontal Ruled layout, Hourly scheduled layout, Vertical Boxed layout and Vertical Ruled layout
  • 20 digital planner covers to choose from
  • 500 Digital planner stickers pre cropped – Individual PNG files format – to decorate your planner
  • 65 Planner Templates
  • 50000+ Hyperlinks
  • Sunday and Monday start date
  • Index page
  • Yearly Calendar with hyperlinks
  • Yearly overview
  • 2021 Reflections
  • 2022 Reflections
  • Year at a glance with hyperlinked days
  • Key dates
  • 4 Quarterly overview for 2022
  • 4 Quarterly Review for 2022
  • Monthly Planner Calendar
  • Monthly planner Overview
  • Monthly Planner Review
  • Weekly Planner Overview
  • Weekly Planner Review
  • Daily Planners
  • 10 Custom Sections for your customization
  • Goal planner section linked to 10 Goal’s page
  • Project planner section linked to 10 Project page




  • Vision Board
  • Appointment Tracker
  • Event Timeline
  • Brain Dump
  • Pomodoro Planner
  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • Deluxe Priority Matrix
  • Business Planner
  • Business Milestones
  • Time Tracker
  • Social Media Schedules
  • Social Media Planner
  • Social Media Review
  • To do lists
  • Custom Lists Todos



  • Bill Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Debt Payoff Tracker
  • Monthly Finance (12 Months)
  • Yearly Finance
  • Debt Snowball Tracker
  • Sinking Fund Tracker
  • No Spend Challenge Tracker
  • Bank Information



  • Fitness Goals
  • Weekly Workout Tracker
  • 30 Days Challenge Tracker
  • Intermittent Fasting Tracker
  • Progress Tracker
  • My Journey in Photos
  • Step/Running Tracker




  • Habit Tracker
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Mood Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Medical Appointments
  • Reading Logs
  • Vitamins & Supplement Tracker
  • Wheel of Life
  • Hydration Tracker
  • Pain Tracker
  • Symptoms Tracker
  • Meditation Tracker
  • Period Tracker



  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Grocery Lists
  • Kitchen Inventory
  • Food Journal
  • Recipe Planner



  • Bucket Lists
  • Birthday Logs
  • Contact Books
  • Password Logs
  • Movie Tracker
  • TV Tracker
  • Order Tracker
  • Cleaning Tracker
  • Routine Planner
  • Subscription & Membership Tracker
  • Memory Lane
  • Pet Log Planner
  • Pet Care Medical Appointments



Wide ruled note, College ruled note, Dot grid note, Left ruled note, Right ruled note, Dashed note, Small Graph note, Wide Graph note, Blank note





  • 40 total digital planners
  • 500 digital stickers
  • Video link guide
  • 20 Planner Covers


The 2021 2022  planner has everything you need to manage all aspects of your life as it is designed to be used as a Life planner, Business planner, and Career planner.

With daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner, quarterly planner and yearly planner, over 60 planner templates, 50000+ hyperlinks, custom sections and digital notebooks, this minimalist digital planner has been created to give you the best productive and exciting experience for great digital planning.

It also comes with free 500 digital planner Stickers pre cropped – Texts, icons, shapes, numbers, labels, sticky notes, widgets, washi, brushes and others for your planner decoration.

You can be rest assured that this planner has less to no error and is lag free as hundreds of hours of careful design and reviews were carried out to give this modern planner the best aesthetic experience. Plan ahead of time to make yourself more productive and watch your life improve a lot.


For clickable hyperlinks to work on certain apps like GoodNotes, Notability, you need to select the “Read Only” button.




This is a digital product. There is no physical item shipped to your address. Download files are instantly available after purchase has been received.

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. This means request for refunds or exchanges cannot be accepted. Please consider the product carefully before placing your order.

This planner is for personal use only. All of the files are original copyright to Buzdesigns and as such cannot be resold, copied or distributed in any shape or form.


Best Regards ©Buzdesigns

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