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This Undated Essential Planner is specifically designed for those who love basic & straightforward planners.

This Essential Planner has a functional & minimal design for maximum customization. An additional Daily Template is included for extra productive and busy days.

Let’s get into the details of this Planner, how does it work and what’s included :

  • Pages : 114 pages;
  • Files included : Essential Planner Monday Start, Essential Planner Sunday Start and User Guide.
  • Files Format : All files come in PDF Format.
  • Dimensions : Vertical A4 (8.27 x 11.7 Inches) / Portrait Style.
  • Templates included :
  1. Year Calendar;
  2. Important Dates;
  3. Index Page;
  4. 12 x Month Calendar;
  5. 72 x Weekly Planner;
  6. 1 x Daily Planner Template;
  7. 12 x Custom Sections;
  8. 11 x Notes Templates : Blank, Narrow lined, wide lined, Narrow dot lined, Wide dot lined, Narrow grids, Wide grids,Cornell Blank, Cornell with lined notes section, Cornell with lined notes & Key terms sections and a to-do list.


How to use Essential Planner :


This Planner is designed to be used digitally in a PDF annotation app. This is not for printing, it’s for 100% digital use.


  • Devices : Ipad, tablet and Computer. You can use this Planner in your smart phone too. However, this planner was made to be used in large screen so it may not be easy to use in a smart phone due to the small screen size.
  • Note-taking / PDF annotation app : To put it in a simple way, this Planner is not an app. It’s simply a PDF File with Hyperlinks, so what you’ll need is an app that supports PDF Files with hyperlinks and allows you to write in it. Since this is a PDF File, it’s supposed to work in whatever note-taking app you choose to use : Goodnotes? Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo, Samsung Notes and others (PS : It’s not compatible with OneNote).
  • Apple Pencil / Stylus : to enjoy the best experience with this planner, I recommend using a stylus to easily write in it, draw, add stickers etc.



What you receive after purchase :

  • Essential Planner Monday Start PDF (114 Pages);
  • Essential Planner Sunday Start PDF (114 Pages);
  • Essential Planner User Guide PDF (6 Pages).



Please Note That :

  • No Physical Product Will be shipped to you. These are Instant Download PDF Files. You simply download the files sent to you and import them to your note-taking app to start using them.
  • Ipad/Tablet, Stylus and note-taking apps do not take part of this product.
  • Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not accept refunds. All purchases are final. However, if you encounter a problem while downloading the files or if the hyperlinks don’t work, make sure to read The User Guide & FAQ section first. If the problem is not solved, you can contact me and I’ll do my best to help you solve the problems.
  • Please note that colors may vary from a device to another, so a color in a computer/laptop may look slightly different in a Tablet/Ipad.
  • This Product is for personal use only. You’re not allowed to resale, reproduce or distribute this product. Commercial Use is Prohibited.

Thank you for your visit 🙂

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